Kitengo cha Fedha na Uhasibu



  1. Prepare  payment for salaries including statutory deductions;
  2. Budget for personnel emoluments; and
  3. Maintain Finance and Accounts records.

Cash Office

  1. Submit voucher list to the Treasury;
  2. Collect all cheques from Treasury;
  3. Bank cash and cheques;
  4. Prepare monthly flash report;
  5. Pay cash/cheques to employees/customers (service Provider);
  6. Batch paid vouchers;
  7. Maintain cash book;
  8. Record/ reconcile all imprest issued; and
  9. Prepare and effect all payments.


  1. Collect all revenues;
  2. Manage the revenue according to regulations and guidelines; and
  3. Bank reconciliation.


  1. Prepare pension papers; and
  2. Maintain pension records.


  1. Monitor allocations and expenditure;and
  2. Prepare Final Accounts and other Financial Statements.

Pre – Audit/Examination

  1. Scrutinise supporting documentations to vouchers, including authorization according to regulations;
  2. Scrutinise financial processes to ensure adherence to the relevant Acts, Regulations, Circulars etc; and
  3. Reply all Audit queries raised during the previous financial year.