Kitengo cha Teknnolojia ya Habari, Mawasiliano na Takwimu


  1. Implement ICT and e-Government Policy;
  2. Develop and coordinate Integrated Management Information System for the Commission;
  3. Ensure that hardware and software are well maintained;
  4. Coordinate and provide support on  procurement purchase of software and hardware in the Commission;
  5. Design, develop and implement controls to ensure protection, integrity and availability of information;
  6. Establish and Coordinate use of Electronic mail communications on LAN and WAN;
  7. Carryout studies and propose areas of using ICT as an instrument to improve service delivery to the Commission;
  8. Develop and design data collection instruments for all teachers employed in the Public Services;
  9. Assist in the design and preparation of the statistical work plan for the Commission;
  10. Provide guideline for data collection, editing, coding analysis and interpretation in the Commission;
  11. Organize, compile, review and ensure quality periodic statistical reports are produced; and
  12. Collaborate with the Ministry responsible for Local Government Administration  and The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to ensure quality control of statistical activities at every stage of statistics production for the Commission.